About Us

NW.Life is a place for businesses & customers in the Great Northwest to be able to connect. Businesses, you can edit your business pages and add special deals for FREE. Customers, please Like and follow us in your social network of choice & update businesses about your shopping adventures.

Our objectives are as follows:

  • Help raise awareness for local businesses of all sizes.
  • Build our local economy through community activism.
  • Connect customers directly with businesses online and the real world.

In 2013 the bridge on I-5 from Burlington to Mount Vernon collapsed after being struck by an oversize load on the trailer of a semi truck. As a result I-5 was closed and traffic was rerouted which caused massive backups. That event caused most shoppers local and remote to completely avoid all of the businesses that are even slightly close to the areas that were suffering from the backup.

We started WeAreStillOpen.com to let people know about the local businesses that were still open. We posted photos of the clear roads, shared special deals, waved people into businesses with signs, and created blue signs that encouraged Skagit county to keep shopping.

After the bridge went back up, everyone loved WeAreStillOpen and wanted us to continue what we were doing. So here we are years later, still sharing information for local businesses because we love living the Northwest.

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