Arts And Culture

Arts And Culture

  • Hadrian Stone Design & Studio Gallery features regional and local artists with a new show every month, including Benjamin
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  • The Great Northwest is home to many gifted artisans who create one-of-a-kind wares and specialty food for the discerning shopper.

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  • Over the 15 years on staff at a community newspaper in California, Marianne Stickles' responsibilities were taking pictures connected to news stories, city council meetings, covering community events, including award ceremonies and banquet...Read more

  • The Sky Colony once had their sound described as "music my dad would listen to". At first, the lead vocalist Kyle Findley-Meier didn't know what to think, but the more that he thought about it, the more it made sense. They draw inspiration from...Read more

  • You would be hard-pressed to look at Brenda Calvert's artwork and not instantly smile. Her uplifting color palettes and ability to bring out beauty in everyday objects is a heartening combination.

    The Lynden artist's style is realism,...Read more

  • Karl Blau is a Northwest musician known for his creative albums and ever-changing sound. Karl's sound ranges from country soul to reggae to grunge to instrumental. We interviewed him at the N. Avenue Beach and spoke with Nick and Evie Rennis,...Read more

  • Stay-at-home mother and nature lover by heart, Holly Davison is a local photographer who enjoys the view of the night sky. As a long time Whidbey Island resident, Davison grew up taking photos on her camera while on road trips with her...Read more

  • Remember those plastic watercolor paint sets we all had as kids? For most of us, it was just an item on the school supply list. For artist Jennifer McGill, it was a gift that ignited her interest in painting. In high school, she worked in an art...Read more

  • The Great Northwest is home to hundreds of unique artisan makers offering products inspired by the sights, scents and even the weather of our beautiful region.

    MW SoapWorks offers handmade natural soaps, lip balms, cleansing masks, lotions...Read more

  • Karl Blau is a Northwest
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  • Whether you are a serious professional or a happy hobbyist, you can find the right supplies for your next project in Skagit County. From painting to jewelry making to sewing - here is a selection of the many amazing arts and crafts stores in...Read more

  • Photographer Dana Chrysler found her calling through a difficult life challenge: cancer. "Surviving cancer hit home the desire to really live while I'm alive," she explained. Thinking about her legacy, she realized that capturing and creating...Read more

  • Built in 1926, the historic Lincoln Theatre was hailed for its originality and beauty. It featured a Spanish motif during a time when Egyptian and Chinese designs were popular. Its Renaissance Revival style is identified by its symmetrical facade...Read more

  • Dana Chrysler knows her varied and dynamic employment history (including a stint with the Seattle Seahawks) before she landed in visual arts shaped the kind of photographer she is today. It was her own graphic design business which first led her...Read more

  • Local artist Linde Husk has nurtured an immense love of drawing from an early age. She has vivid childhood memories of drawing quietly as

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