Featured Artist: Elizabeth Person

Everett-based illustrator Elizabeth Person understands honing one's craft takes time. She first discovered drawing as a child and went on to major in Illustration and English. After a decade in the field of graphic design, Elizabeth decided to forge a path towards a career in art. She made the leap to full-time artist in 2017. She specializes in distinctive map illustrations and informational art. Whether it's a map of Puget Sound or drawings of the Guemes Island ferries, she blends whimsy, beauty and functionality. 

Elizabeth is such a proponent of constantly improving her skills that she spent what she deemed as 'the year of non-monetary art.' During this period, she didn't accept money for her work and used the time to experiment with different subject matter and a variety of mediums.

Elizabeth advises new artists to focus on craft rather than cash in the beginning and to be prepared for the business side of being a working artist. "It's important to have multiple revenue streams," she explains. "I have an online shop, do commissioned pieces, gallery shows, and markets. That way, if one area slows down I have something else to fall back on."

Recently on a "celestial kick" Elizabeth is inspired by the upcoming 50thanniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing and has expressed her interest in the form of lunar cycles and even a rocket ship or two!

To view her splendid artwork or request a commissioned piece, visit her website at: www.elizabethperson.com