Featured Musician: Backyard Bison

Featured Musician: Backyard Bison

Timing is everything and Oak Harbor band Backyard Bison is a shining example of this, putting together a demo to win a competition on the fly. What began as various high school friendships has grown to form a popular, full-fledged band.

Ryan Evans, bass guitar player, recalls being asked by Elijah Marth and Tyler Grehan to form a band and he agreed, as long as his friends Jourdan Wallace and Samuel Gibbon could join them.

"That all fused quickly. We wanted to enter the Teen Talent Contest for Oak Harbor Music Festival so we threw together the video audition just two days before the deadline," Ryan explains with a laugh. "We landed the gig and the rest is history."

Samuel, who handles drums, agreed. "We nailed the audition and got an incredible audience reception at the show. We started landing a lot of gigs after that and we've even become a regular featured band at the festival."

Backyard Bison has been enjoying the camaraderie of creating music and performing together. There's a special sense of community that being in a band affords them. Lead guitarist Jourdan describes the adrenaline rush of being on stage and being in the zone as unlike anything else.

Part indie, part alternative but essentially rock at the core, the band looks to groups like Young the Giant and Walk The Moon as musical inspiration to construct exciting songs that will move their audience.

Lead singer Tyler handles most of the lyric writing and draws on his personal experiences to create honest songs that truly resonate with listeners.

Their first full-length album, "Pseudo Listener" dropped in December 2018 and their songs have already been streamed online well over 10,000 times. Backyard Bison is riding high on the excitement of growing their fan base, playing live gigs and looking to a bright future.

Meet the Band

Ryan Evans, bass guitar player, listens to alternative rock and all the various sub-branches of that genre. He appreciates the tight relationships he's developed with his bandmates.

Samuel Gibbon is the drummer. He'll listen to just about anything, but especially enjoys jazz, hip hop and rock. He enjoys lifting the spirits of others and discovered that music is a great way to do just that.

Elijah Marth is the keyboard player and sometimes vocalist. He listens to alternative rock as well as folk and bluegrass. He finds interacting with a crowd is an amazing part of being a musician.

Jourdan Wallace plays lead guitar and enjoys listening to both alternative and classic rock. He finds the synergy of playing live with a band is incredible and energizing every time he's on stage.

Tyler Grehan is the lead singer and wordsmith of the band. He mines his own life experiences to help compose the words that fuel the songs. His favorite part of being an musician is pouring himself into their live performances.

To find out more about Backyard Bison and hear their music, search for Backyard Bison on your favorite streaming service (Spotify, Amazon, Apple, etc.) and check out:

Facebook: @backyardbisonOH

Instagram: @officialbackyardbison