Featured Photographer: Mark Bergsma

Featured Photographer: Mark Bergsma

A true artist at heart, Mark Bergsma's interest in photography started over 40 years ago at Western Washington University, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Visual Communications. He put himself through college working commercial fishing boats in Alaska. After graduation, he went to work for a printing company in Portland, Oregon with a focus on graphic arts. The company had a dark room and allowed him to delve deeper into photography.

In 1978, his father bought him his first commercial camera. "He told me, 'You know I think you have some talent, why don't you put it to good use?'"

Before the digital revolution, Mark cut his teeth with selling his photography at street fairs with inspiration from Lee Man and Matt Brown. By 1989, he opened his own gallery with a color photo finishing lab and showed his fine art photography at regional art shows. In 2001, he moved his gallery to Bellwether on the Bay and invited regional artists sell their art at his gallery, from glassblowing to jewelry, all were welcome. His favorite part of owning a gallery was meeting new people and hearing their perspectives on the art. In 2008, he closed the gallery to focus on his photography.

Today, he still has a focus on fine art landscape photography and enjoys experimenting with abstract impressionist digital photography. When asked about his favorite subject, Mark Bergsma told us that he goes through phases, but he always comes back to dramatic skies, trees full of character and majestic mountains. He shot the Popular Trees on the back cover during his 'tree phase'. He loves the way the trees stand like guardians over the budding tulip fields and the dramatic colors in the sky.

For more informations about our featured photographer go to: https://www.markbergsma.com