Photographer Spotlights

Photographer Spotlights

  • Over the 15 years on staff at a community newspaper in California, Marianne Stickles' responsibilities were taking pictures connected to news stories, city council meetings, covering community events, including award ceremonies and banquet...Read more

  • Stay-at-home mother and nature lover by heart, Holly Davison is a local photographer who enjoys the view of the night sky. As a long time Whidbey Island resident, Davison grew up taking photos on her camera while on road trips with her...Read more

  • Holly Davison has a relatable reason for how she initially became interested in photography, she simply wanted to take better pictures of her kids. Years later, those who marvel at her beautiful work are sure glad she did!

    Her favorite...Read more

  • Photographer Dana Chrysler found her calling through a difficult life challenge: cancer. "Surviving cancer hit home the desire to really live while I'm alive," she explained. Thinking about her legacy, she realized that capturing and creating...Read more

  • Dana Chrysler knows her varied and dynamic employment history (including a stint with the Seattle Seahawks) before she landed in visual arts shaped the kind of photographer she is today. It was her own graphic design business which first led her...Read more

  • Blanca Braun's passion for photography started when she moved to Skagit from Virginia. "I never really thought I was a creative person, but there is just an abundance of...Read more

  • Shirley Haley is a local photographer, published author, professional music teacher, and experienced mountaineer. A long time Skagit resident, she enjoys spending time with her grandchildren, tending to her garden and feeding wild birds...Read more

  • You could call photographer Rakan Alduaij a human light catcher. He's willing to drop everything to seize a brilliant sunrise or sunset, which are his favorite subjects to photograph. "They are absolutely amazing here in Anacortes...Read more

  • Chris Neibauer is an avid hiking photographer. He explores the Pacific Northwest with his young family which includes his wife and two children. This local artist lives just east of Arlington and is known for his scenic local photos. He...Read more

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